Munster & Sons Developments Ltd. specializes in relationships. The relationship between the land and the house built on it. The relationship between view corridors and the placement of windows. The relationship between man and nature. The relationship between the owner and his dream of a perfect home.

Bonnie and Andy Munster excel at creating an almost-organic relationship between the house and its lot, designing a home that feels as though it belongs exactly where it is, and enhances the beauty of the surroundings.

They give careful thought to items such as the placement of windows and view corridors, optimizing the view from the living areas, while giving full consideration that the view from the master bedroom maintains privacy.

They value the relationship between man and nature, and harness the latest advances in technology to build energy-efficient homes that preserve the environment.


They nurture the relationship between the owner and his dream of a perfect home, and provide everything that is required to realize that vision, from finding an ideal lot, to designing a gracious, well-conceived home, to building that home in a cost-effective manner, with meticulous attention to detail.

Bonnie and Andy Munster invest passionately in relationships, whether it is the relationship of the design of the home to the topography of its lot, the relationship of the final finishing touches to the theme of the house as an organic whole, or their relationship to their customer.

With this approach, after twenty-five years of building homes in Whistler, it is not surprising that Munster & Sons Developments Ltd. enjoys an unparalleled reputation as the premiere home builder in Whistler.

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