Akasha encompasses the traditions of the West Coast and the Asian Pacific Rim. Featuring native hand carved totems, fused glass interior windows, and local ski cable railings, the antique furnishings from India and China blends these cultures into a unique eclectic style, with every finishing detail custom designed.

Childhood memories of India are brought to life utilizing Indian antiques, Persian carpets, and a Rosewood Pedestal four-poster bed with a hemp canopy. The dining room features an antique Tikkat Table, previously a stage for musicians entertaining during feasts.

Individually sculpted/fused interior windows leading to the spa, reflect the spirit of the totems around the pool which represent the ancient medicine wheel. The 400 year-old ancient cedar serves as a focal point for the central curved stairwell, featuring the cable railing recycled from Whistler Mountain. Curved walls and windows position the home to take advantage of view-scapes and privacy, and integrate the interior with the natural environment.

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